SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development – AFL Victoria

Develop your knowledge of the AFL and sports industry by completing the SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development in conjunction with AFL Victoria.

You have a chance to study in a practical learning environment and gain real experience working in the AFL industry. Our partnerships with AFL Victoria and AFL clubs will enable you to be connected to and learn from highly experienced people in the AFL Industry.


Available Places

January 2020 and July 2020 Intake

Course Duration

42 weeks

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Course Delivery
  • 1 performance testing and assessment session per term with a high performance coach
  • 1 high performance athlete development session per week with a high performance coach
  • Access to high performance facilities to complete your practical sessions
  • Access to software program to manage your performance
  • Minimum of 80 hours practical industry placement
  • Up to 1/2 day per week of structured online training

Areas of Study

As the coach you will plan, implement and evaluate coaching sessions which incorporate the use of sport psychology techniques. You will learn how to effectively utilise the assistance of support personnel (e.g. exercise physiologists, psychologists, strength and conditioning coach, assistant coach, dietician etc.) to get the best out of your athletes.
You will have the opportunity to design and deliver strength and conditioning programs to clients and gain first-hand experience as to what it is like to work in the fitness industry. As part delivering the training program you have developed you will also provide nutritional advice to your clients to increase their peak performance.
The event management unit is designed to give you the opportunity to run your own event and experience what it would be like to work in the events industry. You will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of both sourcing sponsorship and utilising different approaches to generate revenue to run your event. There is even the opportunity for you to run your event interstate or abroad!
You will develop an individual career plan and professional portfolio to kick start your career. This will help you secure a practical placement that will link to your interests and is specific to your career aspirations. There is the opportunity to complete your placement within organisations including ALF, VFL, TAC Clubs and AFL Victoria.
Course Information Brochures

To access the Course Information Brochure please click here.

To support athletes to apply the principles of nutrition and sports psychology to optimise their sporting performance. Students need to: analyse information, liaise with nutritional and sports psychology personnel, provide information to athletes, assist athletes to implement advice and evaluate the effectiveness.
To source and apply general, legal and ethical information on coaching practices. To review general coaching practices such as roles and responsibilities, coaching styles and differing approaches to coaching.
To design their own advanced fitness program, to enhance their sporting performance using technology to assist planning, implementation and review.
To plan and deliver coaching programs using support personnel, with an overarching goal to increase participation in a targeted sport or population group.
To plan and facilitate a group of clients participating in sport, fitness or recreational activities, on multiple occasions.
To develop, implement and evaluate a strength and conditioning program for a range of athletes, within an environment which has access to free weight or hydraulic equipment.
To determine needs of client populations and to design and implement strategies to increase participation.
To plan, implement and evaluate a major project, that enhances the community, within the sport and recreation industry. The major project must also include some minor projects, such as fundraising events.
To create processes to organise information and prioritise tasks within the workplace. Such as goal setting, time management skills, displaying initiative, using technology, work-life balance and developing and maintaining professional competency.
To understand how to effectively and professionally engage with a preferred audience on social media, by researching a particular audience, developing a social engagement strategy, facilitating content delivery, monitoring content and evaluating engagement.
To provide information about performance enhancing and prohibited drugs to elite athletes, and implement strategies to assist athletes to adhere to these.
To understand how to plan for, identify and manage risks, hazards, governance, compliance and general OHS within an organisation, both at an operational and management level.

Industry Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to be involved in a range of industry programs and events including:

  • Opportunity to complete a practical placement at AFL Victoria and affiliated AFL clubs
  • Learn from and be mentored by highly credentialed people within the AFL industry through a range of presentations and activities
  • Match day event management with AFL clubs
  • Event management at AFL club activities including family days and community clinics

Industry Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience working with leading high performance organisation ACE Performance. The course will enable you to develop your understanding of exercise science, fitness instruction, high performance training and fitness testing. The industry experiences that will be available to you in this the course include:

  • Involvement in the delivery of sessions at ACE Performance’s peak training facility at AAMI Park
  • Work with athletes and players from elite clubs through the delivery of ACE Performance programs
  • Learn from and be mentored by highly experienced people within the high performance industry
  • Opportunity to complete a practical placement with ACE Performance

University Pathways

As part of the partnership between SEDA and a range of universities, upon successful completion you have the opportunity to gain entry into selected courses with the following higher education providers:

To find out more about the range of University Pathways available to our students click here.


Upon graduating you will have a detailed understanding of the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the industry. The practical experiences provided will allow you to understand the type roles in the industry and the attributes that employers seek. For a range of career options that our past students have pursued click here.

Further Information

For further information regarding this course, please contact us via the Contact Page.