About Us

SEDA Group (SEDA) is an applied learning education provider, committed to changing the lives of young people through individual learning and industry experience.


2007 – The Sports Development Program was launched with one class of 17 students

2011 – SEDA Group was registered as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

2016 – SEDA College NSW was established as an independent school

2017 – SEDA College (Victoria) was established as an independent school

2018 – SEDA College SA was established as an independent school

2019 – SEDA Group launched a dual diploma program for commencement in 2020

2021 – SEDA College WA was established as an independent school


We exist to be a progressive education organisation, highly regarded for how we empower, support and believe in young people. Our commitment is to:

  • Walk alongside and invest in the individual journey of each young person;
  • Connect young people with industry, mentors and practical learning opportunities to develop work ready skills;
  • Help young people develop the personal qualities and skills to be confident and to reach their full potential.

In the SEDA model, the education experience is built around an area of interest and embedded in an industry the students enjoy, so it is immediately more engaging and there is greater context to what students are learning. The SEDA model intentionally exposes young people to a range of industry experts, role models and experiences that helps them consider a broad range of career options. 

The experiences come in many forms – industry specific course material, work placements, real projects, volunteering and links to community. There is also a deliberate connection of these experiences to the development of key attributes and transferable work skills, brought together through a structured individual development plan that forms a core part of the SEDA model.