Program Fees –

Indicative Tuition Fees
2020 Program Training Product *Skills First
Tuition Fee
^Fee for
Tuition Fee
of Prior
CPR Training HLTAID001 Provide
cardiopulmonary resuscitation
N/A $60.00 N/A
First Aid Training HLTAID003 Provide first aid N/A $139.00 N/A
Sport Development Program SIS20115 Certificate II
in Sport and Recreation
N/A $1,500.00 $1,500.00
SIS30115 Certificate III
in Sport and Recreation
$1,250.00 $2,250.00 $2,250.00
Personal Trainer Program SIS30315 Certificate III
in Fitness
N/A $2,077.59 $2,077.59
SIS40215 Certificate IV
in Fitness
N/A $3,003.00 $3,003.00
Sport Development Program SIS40115 Certificate IV
in Sport and Recreation
N/A $2,270.00 $2,270.00
Sports Industry Program /
High Performance Program
SIS50612 Diploma of
Sport Development
$11,771.55 $12,407.85 $12,407.85
BSB50215 Diploma of
$977.20 $1,030.00 $1,030.00

* This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding under the 2018-19 Standard VET Funding Contract (extended to 31 December 2020) Skills First Program.
^ Fee for Service price (Non-government subsidised/not eligible for Skills First Program)
Fees are valid until 31/12/2020.

Individuals should be aware that enrolling into these training products may affect future training options and eligibility for government subsidised training.
The student tuition fees published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment however the training product tuition fees will not be more than the maximum tuition fees published above. Students should refer to their individual Statement of Fees/Course Information Brochure for tuition fee confirmation provided prior to enrolment.

VET Student Loans

SEDA Group is an approved provider of VET Student Loans for the SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development and therefore can offer the Commonwealth VET Student Loans scheme to eligible students to pay their tuition fees.

A VET Student Loan will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements. A VET Student Loan gives rise to a VETSL debt that continues to be debt due to the Commonwealth until it is repaid.

For course fee conditions, material fees, administration fees, incidental fees and refund conditions, please refer to the 2020 Fees & Charges statement and relevant Course Information Brochure located on our website and provided prior to enrolment.
SEDA Group is an approved provider of the 2018-19 Standard VET Funding Contract (extended to 31 December 2020) Skills First Program. For individuals who are eligible for the Skills First Program, the government will contribute to the cost of the tuition fees. Evidence of eligibility must be presented to SEDA Group prior to enrolment.

The Indigenous Completions Initiative is available to individuals who self-identify in the SEDA Group Enrolment Form as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. The Indigenous Completions Initiative tuition fee is 20% of the published Skills First Tuition Fee.

Individuals enrolling into a qualification that is AQF level 4 and below may be eligible to access a concession rate against the tuition fees. To be eligible for the concession rate, individuals (or a dependant spouse or dependent child of a card holder) must hold a current and valid: Health Care Card issued by the Commonwealth, Pensioner Concession Card, Veteran’s Gold Card or an alternative card or concession eligibility criterion approved by the Minister and provide to SEDA Group for approval prior to the course commencement date or within one week of commencement. The concession tuition fee is 20% of the published Skills First Tuition Fee.

We encourage individuals with disabilities to access government subsidised training.

Additional information will be provided to individuals prior to program commencement, for eligibility criteria please visit: