2023 Dual Diploma Student Tanish Prabhu Reflects at the Halfway Mark

2023 Cricket Australia Sports and Business Program students were quite proactive with their course work during the second block of the year. The block started with a unit covering the understanding of psychology and wellbeing in sport, receiving valuable information from Bryan Harper, Coach Development Specialist at Cricket Australia, and creating a PowerPoint presentation on the psychological aspect of sport.

From there, 4 weeks was spent participating in four different sport games in a sports psychology tournament by splitting into two teams. The tournament started with soccer and ended with ultimate frisbee. Before and after a game, students were expected to write down their goals and expectations, and to later reflect and see if they had achieved them concluding the training. Each sport became highly competitive and at the end of the tournament, the series ended in a draw between the two class teams.

The class moved on to the beginning of their major projects. Each team had an assigned captain who picked people that they were happy to work with and each team had 3-4 people in their group. The main goal in this project was to create a cricket program for 5–12-year-old kids at a certain school to enjoy, with the ultimate goal being for their parents to sign up them to club cricket for them to solidify their skills. My group spent time online in a Team’s meeting to get ahead on work and progress with the important part of the project, which is the location, budget and fundraising of the major project. Putting in the hard work now in the planning and development stage was crucial to ensuring we are ready to implement the major project in block 3. The block ended positively with a 2-hour net session where we were able to socialise and have some fun.