Taking opportunities with the Sydney Swans

I had the most incredible volunteering opportunities with the Sydney Swans this year. I was involved in match day activations, as well as key events such as player signing sessions. The main skills that I developed through my involvement with the Swans are my communication, time management and leadership skills. I had to work outside my comfort zone and problem solve on the spot. This has helped me grow as a person and allowed me to gain an insight into the sports industry. The best part was that I was rewarded for my efforts, with the Swans making me the team leader for match days and paying me as a casual staff member. “Her natural leadership and initiative saw her promoted as a volunteer through the SEDA program to a casual employee, entrusted to lead her fellow students as a fan engagement team leader” Arna Hunt, Fan Growth Manager – Sydney Swans


Maddison Whitelaw

Sydney Swans Sports Development Student

SEDA College NSW