Sport & Business Programs

SEDA Group (SEDA) offer industry-based Diplomas and VET Qualifications connected to elite sporting organisations across Australia. Our connections will provide you with the opportunity to learn from leading industry experts, coaches and elite athletes.

Our Sport & Business Programs are currently based in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Study a Dual Diploma

Each of SEDA’s Sport & Business Programs gives you the opportunity to study in a practical, hands-on learning environment, and gain real experience working alongside an elite Australian sporting organisation. The unique partnership between SEDA and our program partners will enable you to connect and learn from industry experts, coaches and elite athletes.

You will have the opportunity to study curriculum linked to the sports industry, undertake practical placement, run major projects, and participate in high-performance activities, designed to further develop your skills and experience.

Upon successful completion, you will have the opportunity to move into further study with one of SEDA’s higher education partners, or transition into the workforce, equipped with the knowledge and attributes for a successful future.

Key Information

Program Options

Why choose SEDA

Learning Environment

Classes in SEDA Programs are taught by one teacher, so that they can mentor students individually and ensure everyone has access to the support they need.

Practical Placement

Gain experience in the industry while you study and graduate with skills that will help you succeed in the workforce

Lead by Industry

Our programs are run in partnership with Australia's leading sporting organisations, so you will gain firsthand insight into the industry.

Student Experience

We have a student-centric approach to learning, where you are the focus. We are here to help you learn, grow and have fun!

Tertiary Pathways

Graduates of the Sport & Business Program can gain direct entry* into a range of courses with leading tertiary education providers.

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Applications are made online and followed up via a phone call from our admissions team.

Areas of Study

Study a curriculum that is directly developed alongside industry experts. 

Students will be assessed using a range of different methods including but not limited to observations, projects, written assessments, portfolios, role plays and research tasks.

Present integrity in sport and anti-doping information to community-based athletes. Learn about the legal and anti-doping requirements for your sport, as well as other sports integrity related issues such as fairness, ethics, gambling, match-fixing, and discrimination.

Develop, review, modify and evaluate psychological support strategies for community-based athletes. Learn about various sport psychology tools, techniques and concepts.

Develop a marketing strategy and business plan to promote programs, events, and/or activities. Learn about analysing and evaluating market data and how to manage risks when developing business opportunities.

Research corporate sustainability practices and develop sustainability policies and procedures for sporting venues. Learn about how elite sporting clubs remain viable in a competitive market.

Learn the skills to be successful working in a business environment. Lead your own personal development, further develop your emotional intelligence and learn how to develop these skills in colleagues. Research, analyse, and expand your knowledge of critical and creative thinking skills for use in the workplace.

Design and develop a local, interstate, or international event to improve participation, development and fan engagement outcomes for your sporting partner. Learn about topics such as project and event planning principles and engagement strategies.

Deliver a local, interstate, or international event to improve participation, development and fan engagement outcomes for your sporting partner linked to your work in the Project Planning Area of Study. Learn about topics such as project and event delivery principles and reporting.

Develop, implement, and review an integrated coaching program for participants and teams of your sport. Learn about a range of coaching philosophies, theories, and frameworks.

Develop the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to a casualty. Learn about first aid responses in a range of situations, including community and workplace settings.

Implement a fundraising or sponsorship campaign and undertake fundraising and sponsorship activities. Learn about communicating with stakeholders, identifying funding prospects and presentation skills.

Develop an understanding of the key principles of strength and conditioning programs for elite and semi-elite athletes. Learn about topics such as exercise programming, rehabilitation and recovery.

Develop an understanding of performance nutrition for your sport. Learn about healthy eating strategies and meal planning.

Develop a detailed career plan (My Plan) and professional portfolio to kickstart your career.

Secure and complete a practical placement with your sporting partner or other organisations in the sport, fitness, and recreation industry, and explore career pathways and acquire transferable skills in real workplace settings.

Develop an understanding of the various technologies utilised in the analysis of individuals and teams in sport. Learn about topics such as match analysis, player tracking, athlete management and monitoring.

*Non-accredited areas of study
Areas of Study are subject to change.

Tertiary Pathways

Graduates of a SEDA Sport & Business Program can gain direct entry* into a range of courses with leading tertiary education providers.

In some cases, graduates will also receive credit points towards the number of units or subjects a student is required to complete in a course. The number of credits a SEDA graduate can receive per course will vary between each education provider.

Start your career in a range of different industries. Our course options cater for a range of diverse interests and completing one of the specified courses with SEDA’s tertiary partners can set you up for your dream career.

*subject to meeting eligibility requirements. Current for 2022 programs.


Each Sport & Business Program offers a highly engaging learning environment and the opportunity for a range of exclusive and unique student experiences including:

  • Game-day and community experiences with your sporting partner
  • Working on real-time football projects aligned to the strategic objectives of your sporting partner
  • Hearing from guest speakers and key industry personnel
  • Access to industry leading facilities and resources
  • Immersion into a professional sporting environment that hosts elite-level sport programs to develop insights into current and future career opportunities
  • Practical placement opportunities
  • Tertiary preparation workshops
  • Tailored student support to assist with the transition to work or further study

Enrolment Process


Discover the programs offered by SEDA and find the course that aligns to your future goals


Complete the online Course Application Form relevant to your program


Applicants attend an interview and complete a Pre-Training Review, and Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test 


Documentation and eligibility is assessed relevant to program requirements

Please see below entry requirements into SEDA’s Sport & Business Programs:

  • Successful completion of Year 12 or approved equivalent^
  • Attend an interview and provide evidence in support of their application
  • Successfully complete a Pre-Training Review, and Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test issued by SEDA
  • Individuals under the age of 18 must have gained parental/guardian consent to undertake the program
^Individuals who are unable to meet this requirement due to their individual circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

The VET Student Loans program assists eligible students pay tuition fees for approved vocational education and training (VET) courses. A VET Student Loan is a loan from the Australian Government that helps eligible students pay their tuition fees. Your loan is repaid through the Australian tax system when you reach the minimum income threshold for repayment.

In 2022, the VET Student Loan program is available for the SIS50321 Diploma of Sport & BSB50120 Diploma of Business with SEDA Group. A VET Student Loan will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements. In 2022, the maximum course fees are: SIS50321 Diploma of Sport = $8,208.00, BSB50120 Diploma of Business = $7,283.40. A VET Student Loan gives rise to a VETSL debt that continues to be debt due to the Commonwealth.

Click here for more information about VET Student Loans. Please contact SEDA Group for eligibility requirements for 2023 programs.

Contact details for our Admissions advisors, and how to get in touch with the team at SEDA.

Phone: 1300 777 332

Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm AEST.

We’re here to help answer your questions.

Graduate Pathways

After graduating from the Collingwood Magpies Sport and Business Program in 2021, Lily gained employment at the Collingwood Football Club as an Account Coordinator in Commercial Partnerships. Lily’s experience in the program encouraged her to step outside her comfort zone and meet new people, including learning about different roles within the club. The hands-on learning within the program gave her the opportunity to enhance her communication, networking, and organisational skills. Lily’s time in the program has prepared her to enter the workforce and enjoy a dynamic role where every day is different.

Lily Adams – Account Coordinator, Collingwood Football Club

Frequently Asked Questions

SEDA Group delivers Sport & Business programs across Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. Every program consists of the SIS50321 Diploma of Sport + BSB50120 Diploma of Business (Qualifications are subject to change).

The Sport & Business Programs provide year 12 graduates with an exclusive opportunity to study in a practical, applied learning environment and gain hands-on experience in the sports industry working alongside our elite sporting partners. With programs associated with a variety of partners, you can choose a program that best aligns to your sporting interest. Visit our programs page to learn more about each program.

SEDA Group also delivers the Sports Industry Program in Geelong. This program includes the same qualifications but is not delivered in conjunction with a specific sporting organisation. There is a general focus on the sports industry and students learn in a hands-on environment.

The weekly commitment is four days classroom based and some additional personal time will be required. The program is considered full-time and cannot be studied in a part-time capacity.

No. Sporting ability is not a pre-requisite for entry, but an active involvement in sporting pursuits is strongly encouraged.

Successful completion of a Year 12 course is desirable; however, alternative pathways can be available for consideration if a Year 12 qualification has not been obtained. No ATAR is required for acceptance into the program.

Please click here to view entry requirements. 

Classes are structured to be delivered in an applied learning setting, via a hands-on curriculum up to 4 days per week. Curriculum includes activities based in the classroom, the workplace, and the community. Assessment ranges from projects, written tasks, to observations. There are no examinations.

No ATAR is required for acceptance into the program. Please click here to view entry requirements. 

Unfortunately, SEDA Group nor its partners, do not have any boarding or accommodation facilities. While some students have relocated to attend, this has been facilitated on an individual basis through family, friends and independent organisations.

Our graduates can gain entry into a wide range of higher education courses or are well-placed to enter the work force across a range of different industries.

Click here to learn more about the Higher Education Pathways available for our current Diploma students.

Please feel free to contact our friendly Admission team who can assist you further: 1300 777 332 or via

Yes, students can still be involved in sport and sporting teams outside of their enrolled diploma program. Our program offers some flexibility associated with an adult learning program.

36 weeks with a January intake (currently no July intake available). 

Students are involved in a number of components, such as coaching, fitness, first aid, work placement, wellbeing, event management and community projects and outdoor activities, in a hands-on environment.