2023 Australian Cricket Masters Championships – Event Officer Keira Mahon


Keira Mahon shares her experience as an Intern Event Officer at Cricket Australia.

Keira had the opportunity to travel from Melbourne to Darwin to assist with this event.


My role was to aid Jess O’Reilly, Cricket Australia’s Operation Lead in the running of the 2023 Australian Masters Championships as the Event Officer. Some of my roles included connecting coaches and managers to a WhatsApp group, handing out and sorting out Australian selection form, collecting Player of the Series Votes and tallying them up and completing the Daily-Wrap Up at the end of each day of the competition.

My key learnings were that it is very important to be organised and how hard it can be to run events. I learnt how a myriad of things needed to be completed at one time and how prioritising was fundamental. However, I also discovered how rewarding it was to see the hard work pay off to get the event up and running.

When exploring Darwin my highlight was going to Crocodylus Park with some of the Umpires. The animal I most enjoyed seeing was the meerkats due to one lying upside down to sunbake as well as another meerkat kept trying to escape by jumping up the walls of the enclosure. Additionally, I got to hold a blue tongued lizard and a baby saltwater crocodile.

The advice I would give to future students is to say yes to every opportunity because you never know which opportunity is the pathway you wish to go down. There are so many pathways through sport so if experiencing different opportunities can help narrow down where you wish to work in the future then it can be a big help.