Information for SEDA College Students

Everything you need to know as a SEDA College student considering a Sport & Business Program as your next step

Graduates of Sport & Business Programs, powered by SEDA have access to a wide range of higher education courses through our university partners. You may hear these referenced as ‘articulations’.

Graduates may benefit from direct entry to this list of courses. The list also outlines the credit arrangements available where they are available. Credits refer to the number of units that would usually need to be completed as part of the course but have already been met through successful completion of the Sport & Business Program. The more credit arrangements available, the more the time to complete your preferred course is reduced. Direct entry may be subject to eligibility criteria specific to each education partner and credit arrangements vary from course to course.

As Sport & Business Programs are designed to prepare you for work or further study, they may have the added benefit of assisting graduates in obtaining part-time or casual work while undertaking further study. Graduates who have experienced this benefit have made the most of networking and work-integrated learning opportunities throughout their time in the program.

The below table provides a general summary of the different levels of partner engagement between SEDA College and a Sport & Business Program.

It is important to note that there are also differences relating to the curriculum and qualification level which you can find more information on below.

SEDA College Year 11

SEDA College Year 12

Sport & Business Program

Introduction to club.

Reinforcement of club expectations.

Immersed in the organisation and are exposed to a comprehensive understanding of strategic objectives.

Gaining an understanding of values and expectations.

Lead activities at primary school clinics.

Plan and deliver programs on behalf of the organisation.

Volunteering opportunities shadowing more experienced staff/students.

Greater responsibility when volunteering with the organisation.

Role models for SEDA College students and potentially supervising at events.

No work placement opportunities.

General work placement opportunities – admin, community, etc. (usually during school hours 9am – 3pm).

Project-based workplace learning that can be flexible with times, duration, scope, can work through term breaks, etc. Qualification requirement for at least 40 hours, and a program expectation to complete at least 80 hours of work integrated learning.


May deliver projects as a class.

Deliver strategic projects in small groups on behalf of the organisation as part of Project Planning and Project Deliver Areas of Study. Students take responsibility for logistics and outcomes.


Opportunities for workplace learning similar to an internship where the student has some ownership of tasks and a specific role to play in the organisation. 

With a Sport & Business Program you undertake:

  • A dual diploma qualification consisting of a SIS50321 Diploma of Sport and a BSB50120 Diploma of Business. A diploma qualification is a tertiary, vocational education and training (VET) qualification, designed to prepare students for more complex, skilled work. As tertiary-level education, this program is above the secondary level of Year 12 and secondary-level VET qualifications.
  • Curriculum developed by SEDA Group, in collaboration with sporting partners. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), SEDA Group is responsible for the training and assessment for each qualification.* As a leading sports organisation, the sporting partner ensures that the curriculum is relevant to industry needs and the development of the required skills and knowledge to support vocational outcomes.
  • Regular workshops from the sporting partner and other industry experts provide real-world insights and valuable networking opportunities.
  • At least 40 hours of work-integrated learning to meet qualification requirements. However, based on the feedback of our sporting partners a minimum of 80 hours is expected with students encouraged to consider opportunities for additional hours where this may be available.

As a diploma qualification is a tertiary-level offering, there is also a greater expectation for students to be self-driven. This includes ensuring assessments are completed on time, monitoring communications from teachers and partners, and taking responsibility for the requirements of any volunteering and workplace learning opportunities.

*You may see this written formally as “SEDA Group is responsible for the training and assessment and the issuance of AQF academic documentation on successful completion of a full or partial study program”.


Sport & Business Programs use a range of assessment methods including, but not limited to, projects, written tasks, online quizzes and observations.


Our eligibility requirements do include Year 12 or equivalent, but you do not need an ATAR.

You can apply for a Sport & Business Program at any time, but you will not be eligible to start the program until you have completed your final year at SEDA College (or other Year 12 equivalent) and received your Year 12 Secondary School Certificate.

Please click here to view entry requirements. 

Similarities include:

  • Students receive individual support from a consistent teacher throughout the year.
  • The use of MyPLAN (tailored for an adult education environment).
  • An emphasis on practical and applied learning.
  • No exams.

SEDA College students may be eligible for credit/s toward the SIS50321 Diploma of Sport and BSB50120 Diploma of Business that underpin the Sport & Business Programs.

As the certificate-level qualifications offered through SEDA Colleges are delivered by external RTOs, the credits you may be eligible for will depend on which college you studied with and what qualification/s you completed. Please ask for more information at your interview to get an accurate assessment of the credits that may be available to you and how that may reduce your fees.

Applications are assessed, and places offered to eligible applicants, on a first-in-first-served basis. In 2024, two programs went to waitlists and we expect those and others to do the same ahead of 2025. We therefore encourage you to get in early and progress through pre-enrolment stages at your earliest convenience to avoid missing out.

Early application and pre-enrolment also allow us to support you with our Study Readiness Programs (Enabling Courses) if your LLND score doesn’t meet the level required for the Sport & Business Program.

The LLND, PTR, and interview that you complete as part of pre-enrolment are designed to help us determine if the program is suitable for you, and any support you may need.

If your LLND results are below the level required for the Sport & Business Programs, we have Study Readiness Programs (Enabling Courses) that can help you to improve the relevant area/s. This will be discussed with you at your pre-enrolment interview.

If you do have concerns, please feel free to contact our Student Enrolment Manager on 1300 777 332 or via from 9am to 5pm weekdays (AEST).

SEDA College students can access information via:

  • MySEDA
  • SEDA Group class visits in Term 2 or 3 (Victoria and WA)
  • Select classes will be invited to exclusive Open Days (Victoria and WA)


Information is also available to all potential students via:

  • Information sessions throughout the year where you can hear from teachers, students, SEDA Group, and the relevant sport organisation. Please check our Information Session page for upcoming events.
  • Our friendly Student Enrolment Manager on 1300 777 332 or via from 9am to 5pm weekdays (AEST).

If you are looking for information on SEDA College Year 11 and 12 programs, please scroll down to the footer or this page for the link to the college relevant to your state or territory.